King of Heaven

Talk about LSS. This song has been my happy song since I don’t know when, and it’s safe to say Passion’s Awakening album is now my favorite Passion album. My lineup last Sunday when I led worship for our Sunday service was Passion-filled, actually. That’s Love is Loud, How He Loves and Our God.  I’m totally in love with God!

Who’s smitten, eh? :3

Oh, Oh, King of heaven come down

Chorus 1
We’ll sing the gospel to the poor
We’ll go to comfort those who mourn
You’ll put together what’s been torn
King of Heaven

Verse 1
We come together in the wave of God
We stand together in Your great compassion
Pouring out our hearts and lives
Fill us up with an expectation

Chorus 2
We’ll sing the news of all Your grace
We’ll help the broken-hearted praise
You’ll put Your glory on display
King of Heaven

You help the broken cities rise
Out of the wreckage You’ll bring life


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