Have you prayed about it?


Away with those ridiculous hashtags, and those subtle shoutouts on social media that only fall on deaf ears.

Pray for it. Really pray for it. If your heart is telling you it’s time, not a single complaint nor a lying-around-the-house-until-it-happens mentality will bring you to it. Pray, pray, pray. Move, move, move.

The sea was witness to your sudden burst of confidence, Jee. I hope you really meant what you shouted into its vastness, because that which your heart desires will surely come.

The question is not ‘When?’, but ‘Am I ready?’

Word Vomit XIX

We’re all in pain, in one way or another. For most, it’s not the constant kind, but it comes and goes, and when it’s there, you still have to go on living as if it’s not.

There’s a kind of pain that paralyzes, weakens the knees, takes the energy out of you. You don’t understand – heck, you don’t know if you’d ever understand – but even with the uncertainty, you still feel it to your bones. You pray to God it doesn’t last long, but maybe you’re supposed to feel the pain in its entirety. Maybe that’s the only way for you to – in time – not feel in pain anymore.

We’re all in pain, in one way or another, so it pays to be kind.

Slow down


Next week will be crazy. Heck, the next 3 weeks will be crazy. But it starts getting crazy next week: I have to churn out 3 analysis stories in one week – 3! – and then start preparing for D-Day aka May 9.

Even today was a bit hectic: I was desk from 7 am to 1 pm, then I went out to meet a source for a short interview. I still have two pending stories (one for tomorrow, the other not really required but I’m being bibo haha) in my to-do list and if I want to get all these things done, I really shouldn’t be blogging right now.

But I am, because I need to catch my breath. I consider it a blessing in disguise when it was already the start of the rush hours by the time my interview ended. I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic, so I leisurely went around a bookstore and a department store. I decided to try wearing contacts again, so I paid the optometrist a visit (For the curious: my eye grade went up just a little bit. Thank God it’s not as worse as I initially thought it would be).

Now I’m in a coffee shop, still waiting out the rush hour traffic. At first, I wanted to work here, but I thought, that’s what I’ll be doing anyway when I get home since I’m all alone on a Saturday night. How sad is it to work when you’re out and still work when you’re home?

And then I came across this Desiring God article and I realized it’s been 4 days since I last opened my Bible. I really don’t want to be that Christian.

At the end of the day, no matter how busy life gets, I always have the choice. And right now, I choose to slow down.

True love

I’ve been complaining about back pain for months now because of sitting for long hours in my bed-cum-desk whenever I’m home writing. My parents and I even went around a mall one day to look for a small chair to complement my pull-down desk.

Alas, when we couldn’t find one anywhere, my dad decided to go back to the same furniture store that worked on our new bed to have this chair made. It’s beautiful. Thanks, Pa. You give without asking anything in return. What love.