Word Vomit IX

I can’t sleep and I only have 4 hours left before my Saturday duty begins. My body clock is messed up again, so I decided to write instead.

This has been bothering me lately. A few weeks back, a guy friend filled me in on what’s been happening in his life, the biggest development of which is having a girlfriend. Of course that’s good news, but what happened next was odd. He asked me if I like anyone right now (typical). When I said no, he kept telling me to consider this guy who he doesn’t even know personally and I had no interest in.

I know he had good intentions, but that’s my problem exactly: Why do people feel the need to match me with someone – anyone – and so desperately at that? Am I not convincing enough when I say, yes, I am very fine on my own, thank you very much?

I don’t have plans on Valentine’s, and that’s okay. I’ve never had plans on Valentine’s every single year since birth, so this year won’t be different nor feel different, trust me. And if you can, please hold off with the brokenhearted/hugot songs and films. I appreciate the suggestions, but I am neither brokenhearted nor a fan of hugot lines.

Believe me, I know how beautiful it is to love and be loved, but I don’t think now’s the time for that. And that should be perfectly fine.

BREATHER: Two things

1. Seriously. It should be illegal for a drama to be this good. Ah, Healer, you have my heart completely.

Photo courtesy of www.miss-anony.tumblr.com

2. This is what I do when I fall in love with a drama actor: I drama-stalk. Meaning, I watch almost everything he’s in. I bet I’m going to drama-stalk Ji Chang Wook after Healer, but for now it’s Yeon Woo Jin.

He almost stole me from Lee Jun Ki during Arang and the Magistrate, but with such a charisma he was never meant to stay second lead. What a breakthrough performance for Marriage Not Dating! MORE MORE MORE <3

Don’t ever stop

On writing

A former student messaged me last week, asking me to look over her draft of a profile she wrote about her best friend. At first I didn’t know where to start editing – she’s a college sophomore, and there’s so much she needed to improve on. I ended up just giving my comments due to time constraints, but she thanked me anyway for taking the time to help her.

I told her the only way to get better in writing is to keep writing, even when you’re not in the mood. Write every day: on journals, blogs, tissues, everywhere! During my longest writer’s block in 2012, it was my professor’s (now boss) only advice, that I push myself anyway, and keep writing.

Stopping costs a lot (believe me, I know). If you love what you do, don’t ever stop.

On running

Today I pushed myself to run faster after every 10-minute interval, so before I even reached my 30th minute, I was already out of breath. I’m seriously out of shape, I know, but I don’t hate my body so much as to kill myself just to finish 30 minutes.

If I do this regularly enough, I know there will come a time the 30th minute will be a piece of cake. For now, I’m just glad I actually went out of the house when the bed has been so clingy all day.

A bonus: After running, I was catching my breath and doing warm-ups by the gym’s balcony when I looked up and saw countless stars in the sky! What a treat. It’s not every day I get to pause like that.

Thank you, Lord. It’s still a beautiful world, and we’re all still under the same sky.

Word Vomit VIII

Ironically, it has become tougher to write blogs than articles. I’m only halfway done with my second blog for Rappler, it’s almost 3 days since I started writing, and I’m not satisfied with what I have so far. Thus this word vomit post.

I don’t know when I’m going to finish that (I hope tonight) or if I’m going to end up with something worth reading, but what worries me the most is my topic of choice. I don’t want to spoil, but it’s something absolutely close to my heart and I don’t want to ruin the opportunity so maybe that’s why it’s taking me longer than usual to write.

I’m a bit more careful with this one (but that’s not to say I’m careless with everything else I write) because it’s my first step towards one of my 2015 faith goals. I’m going nowhere with this post, but I’m writing anyway, because I need to keep writing until I get the motivation to finally, finally finish that blog.