Life lately


It’s been a while since I last blogged about life in general, and that’s because I’ve been trying to actually live life these days. The first quarter of 2017 will be over in a few days, so I figured a life update is in order.

Also, this is an attempt to keep this blog alive heh.

FITNESS. I’ve been running and swimming a lot lately, especially this month. This is probably the most active I’ve ever been since summer of 2006, when I lost all my baby fats by playing badminton. I realized it’s harder to lose weight now that I’m in my mid-20s, but I’m determined to lose it anyway before July.

More than losing weight though, what keeps me going is the feeling of getting stronger. I like the post-workout adrenaline, and it makes me feel like my day has been productive (because I usually run or swim at night). On days I skip running or swimming, I feel sluggish and unmotivated. I dread recovery days, although I know I need them to prevent for example the shin and knee pain I experienced after a week of long-distance running.

WRITING. Aside from my daily reportorial duties for Rappler, I will spend the next two months working on a story for a fellowship on tobacco control reporting. I’m excited about it, but also very, very scared because it’s my first time working on a fellowship in my almost 4 years as a professional journalist. But being in this industry (and at such a time as this!) is scary to begin with, so I’m just gonna dive into this scared and uncertain, knowing full well that “the Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.”

I’m also praying for another fellowship, and I’m not yet 100% decided on applying, but I’ve been considering that opportunity since 2015. The challenge right now is to juggle all my responsibilities first and excel in everything I’m doing right now before I take on more workload.

CONCERTS. I’ve been to two concerts this month: One K Global last March 2, and Bethel Music’s Worship Nights last March 18. I really looked forward to both for obvious reasons and thank God I got to attend despite my unpredictable schedule.

I went to One K Global with Pia, Jo, and Marlo, because we’re no longer just Korean drama fans apparently; we now love KPop too! I went there especially for SHINee (Taemin!!!), CN Blue (Yonghwa!!!) and my new loves, B1A4 (Sandeul!!!).

Here’s my short clip of Yonghwa doing the Cinderella scream:

It still gives me chills whenever I hear that scream woaaaaah. Iba ka, Yonghwa!

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And here’s a compilation of my biases from my Gen Ad view haha:

Ang tunay na mga bias: Yonghwa (CNBLUE), Sandeul (B1A4), Taemin (SHINee)

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For Bethel, I went with my churchmates for a night of praise and worship. We sing a lot of Bethel songs during our congregational worship, so we were really ecstatic when we learned they will bring Worship Nights to Manila.

Here are two of my favorite songs from that night: No Longer Slaves and One Thing Remains. 

No Longer Slaves #BethelMusicLiveInManila

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One Thing Remains #BethelMusicLiveInManila

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The song Only Jesus also ministered to me, but I did not take a video of that one, so sharing a YouTube video instead:

DRAMAS. So apparently for the first 3 months of 2017 I’ve finished 8 dramas (7, if we’re not counting the short web drama, 7 First Kisses). I highly recommend the underlined dramas:

  • 7 First Kisses
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju
  • Goblin
  • The Legend of the Blue Sea
  • Fool’s Love
  • Hwarang
  • Marry Me, Or Not?
  • Tomorrow With You

I’m watching two more ongoing dramas, Chief Kim (which ends this week), and Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (which I wish had more story going on to keep me hooked. You can’t keep me tuning in just for Park Hyung-sik, Park Bo-young, and Ji Soo, show!)

I think I’d have to dial it down with the drama-watching for the next few months, or until I finish that fellowship story. This is hard for a girl who’s used to always having her Asian drama fix, but nothing’s impossible!!!

BULLET JOURNAL. I’ve been keeping a (semi) Bullet Journal since January, and I’ve been consistent about it if I do say so myself. I think I’m gonna keep doing this from here on out because it works for me, and I feel extra productive when I get to cross things off my to-do list.

I call it a semi Bullet Journal because I use Rappler’s 2017 planner, but I get ideas from the Bullet Journal system to develop the planner. Here’s a sneak peek:


Left: I keep track of days when I went out to run/swim. I also take note when I’ve passed my weekend story for Rappler lol
Right: For March, I tried keeping a sleep log, which helps me keep tabs on how many hours of sleep I get for the night. It’s not doing anything for me, to be honest, so I don’t think I’m going to do another sleep log for next month. 

LEARNING. I started a free online Korean language course last February, but I think I’m two weeks behind schedule. Must get back to it pronto if I want to know basic expressions for my birthday trip to Korea in July!

I’m also reading Kevin DeYoung’s Just Do Something and it’s changing everything I (think I) know about God’s will. Believe it or not, God’s will is not as complicated as we’re made to believe it is. From DeYoung himself:

God’s will for your life is pretty straightforward: Be holy like Jesus, by the power of the Spirit, for the glory of God.

I think that’s it for now (because I can’t think of anything else???). There’s Winner’s second comeback, but that’s not until April 4, so I’ll just keep the fangirling to myself for now heh.

This verse keeps popping into my head lately, so I’ll end with this:

“May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26)

Have a great week ahead!


Top 10 favorite Korean dramas of all time

*Inspired by Dramabeans

Because I’m productive with unnecessary things, like this list!

My only criteria is that a favorite drama of all time** should be rewatchable through the years, because what for is an excellent drama if you can’t get yourself to sit through it for another 16 hours?

  1. Sweet 18 – A sentimental favorite. This got me watching Korean dramas at a time when all I cared for were Taiwanese dramas and Rainie Yang.
  2. Coffee Prince – No sweeter romance has graced my screen yet than Han Kyul and Eun Chan’s. The drama that made Gong Yoo my ultimate actor bias and my #boyfriendgoal.
  3. Healer  I rewatch this drama every Christmas season, which means I’ve watched it at least 3 times already, but the action still gets me holding on to my seat, and the romance still knocks me off my feet.
  4. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho  Many fantasy romance dramas have come and gone, but none of them have captivated my heart as much as this drama did. I remember falling in love with it as soon as the first episode ended, because what’s not to love about Mi Ho yaaaaa? Hoi hoi!
  5. School 2013  Probably the best school drama in my book because a good drama doesn’t always have to have a romance at the center of it. Sometimes, just a good ol’ bromance will do 😉
  6. Arang and the Magistrate  My first love from the fantasy sageuk genre. Here, Shin Min-a does spunky heroine like it’s second nature, and Lee Jun-ki shows he’s not just a pretty boy but an amazing actor as well. All their scenes together had me glued to my screen.
  7. Marriage Not Dating  This drama hits all my romantic comedy sweet spots: the OTP’s palpable chemistry, the witty banter, the honest conversations, and the fast-paced storytelling. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, but heartwrenching at the same time.
  8. I Hear Your Voice  Intense from beginning to end, with a villain who actually felt life-threatening, and a strong heroine who kept pushing the limits even when much was at stake. Lee Jong-suk is just a bonus, but what an amazing noona-romance bonus.
  9. It’s Okay It’s Love – You know you’re old(er) when you like your adult romance sexy but also unsexy, real, messy, and all over the place. Because it’s only true love when a relationship survives even after all that. 
  10. Wonderful Life  An old favorite, this show brings nothing new to the table, but its strength is in its amazing dialogue and an even more amazing chemistry of leads Eugene and Kim Jaewon. This drama is all about unrequited love (I actually learned the term in the drama) and how one can find family amid the most unusual circumstances.

**As of February 11, 2017

BONUS: My top 10 favorite Taiwanese dramas of all time! I’ll try to write a separate post about this list soon:

  1. Why Why Love
  2. Devil Beside You
  3. In Time With You
  4. In A Good Way
  5. MARS
  6. Life Plan A & B
  7. ToGetHer
  8. Hi My Sweetheart
  9. Autumn’s Concerto
  10. They Kiss Again

That December


I don’t know what was in the air (or maybe it was the effect of the Korea trip?) but I was just incredibly happy last December, and here are some of the photos to show that.

“But [Jee], [she] smiles 100%. [She] leaves [her] bullets behind and always smiles with 100% of [her] heart.”

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My Top 10 Dramas of 2016

I’m a big fan of the website Dramabeans, and I always anticipate its annual Year in Review. For 2016, the website’s writers crowned Signal as the winner in 3 major categories: Best Drama, Best Directing, and Best Writing. 

That sure piqued my interest for the drama, but I’ve decided to watch Signal only after I finish Lee Je-hoon’s upcoming drama with Shin Mina, Tomorrow With You.

Back to Dramabeans’ Year in Review: I realized that I watch more and more dramas every year; I finished 33 dramas in 2016, 25 of which are full-length ones (meaning, dramas that are 16- to 24-episode long).

And since I watch too many dramas, I thought, why not start naming the top 10 dramas of each year? And what better year to start it than with 2016, which gave us some of the better dramas in recent years.

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New beginnings

It was a mess back home a few hours before 2016 ended. Emotions ran high, crying ensued, and I kept saying in between sobs: “Are we really going to end 2016 this way?”

It could’ve ended that way. Each of us could’ve retreated to our own rooms, sulking and murmuring as the rest of the world celebrated the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. Our New Year’s Eve dinner could’ve gone cold, and we could’ve just slept the night away.

But it didn’t end that way. After everything was said and done, we found ourselves in our living room with our eyes shut and our hands clasped together, praying for the Lord to heal every hurt in our hearts and to use our family even more in 2017.

Suddenly, there was peace. And love, which has been there all along.

It was there when we tried to listen to each other, even though it’s always easier to walk away. It was there when we kept reminding each other that love “keeps no record of wrongs” (1 Corinthians 13:5), even though it’s always easier to find fault and to pass blame.

We could’ve hated each other’s guts; instead, we chose to love.

And that spelled the difference.

I praise God for new beginnings, and the many chances we’re given to try again.

Maybe we weren’t exactly the nicest person in 2016, and maybe we were mediocre in every aspect of our lives.

Maybe we could’ve done better, but didn’t, for fear of failure or rejection or change.

But you see, His mercies are new every morning. Every morning. Ponder on that. Let that sink in. Realize that only a good, good Father could be so gracious as to grant us the gift of new beginnings.

In Him, we can start over again, and this time, with more love to get us through messy fights and ugly crying.

My heart is full, because with Him in me, I can be sure of this: 2017 is going to be my year.


Photo c/o Allan Lazaro