Changes (or why I don’t eat my favorite chicken anymore)


I’ve been a pescatarian for the past month now. I know it’s nothing to write home about, but I tend to celebrate small victories like this because I need to convince myself everyday that change is not something to be afraid of. “Fear is something we blow out of proportion,” as one saying goes.

I’m acquainting myself with life changes – big or small – because this is how I suspect the rest of my life would be once I reach the quarter life: deaths, engagements, weddings, births, resignations, migrations, and so on. Apparently, mastering the art of detachment was just the beginning.

Here’s hoping I take life’s punches gracefully. :)

(O diba ang layo ng naging train of thought, which started from my being a pescatarian…FOR A MONTH haha. Salamat nga pala kay Ms Ces kung saka-sakaling makita niya itong blog na ‘to. Salamat at napaganda mo ako ng isang gabi. Minsan lang ‘to hihi)


was pretty eventful…at least the last hours of my day-off.

In the morning, as usual, I watched a bunch of stuff. I slept also at around 2 pm ’til 4 pm, then got up to prepare for a meeting with La Salle students at Greenbelt. 

I was just there exactly a week ago with Carlo, so I thought we’re meeting again today after my interview with the students.  


He couldn’t go though, so I decided to go home and call it a day. But I dropped by a bookstore first to buy a brand new Moleskine, because my 5-year old one is almost filled up already.

But plans change, life can be spontaneous, and so before my weekend ended, instead of going home, I met Buena for beer and stories. Right after, we walked along Morato in search of a cord for my iPhone charger, and we somehow ended up in Cubao to buy one.

I also talked to Marimel about very important matters. Talking to her is always a joy.

4 months left in 2015, and sure, I can stay holed up at home waiting for life to happen. Or I can decide to make life happen and be there when it matters. 

Word Vomit XVII

Life-changing moments can happen in a snap of a finger, a blink of an eye, or a 15-minute car ride, which was the case for what happened to me today on my way home from church.

I have decided to plunge into a drastic lifestyle change, and this is going to be tough. I’m going “Seinfeld” on this one, and here’s to marking a whole month with Xs.

(Not telling you guys until I have a success story to share, but I have to write this here, on the record, so I don’t go back on my word. I understand I’ve done this whole WordPress-mental-note thing a bajillion times, but that’s what’s incredible with life – as long as it keeps going, we all have bajillion chances to start over :D )


Parents drove me to work this morning. In the afternoon, I interviewed 3 inspiring teachers from Manila, Leyte, and Baguio. Then I met one of my best guy friends for dinner, movie, and a good laugh because of Solomon Lane’s non-villain voice.

Not bad, Monday. Not bad at all – considering how tough the rest of the week will be. :)

Also: Bye August! Here comes the ber months! My, how time flies.